Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Microsoft platforms in the sky...

As the October date of the annual Microsoft Professional Developer Conference 2008 approaches, we're now beginning to catch glimpses of Microsoft's Cloud computing strategy.

We'll have to wait until October and Ray Ozzie's keynote speech to get the complete picture, but there doesn't seem to be much doubt that Microsoft does have something significant up its sleeve to compete with Google and Amazon in the Cloud, and that we're all about to be propelled into a new age working with the next generation of Microsoft technology and bringing it to our customers.

It appears the Microsoft model will provide a distributed computing environment which, perhaps unsurprisingly, allows application functionality and data to be deployed either in the Cloud or on the user device, and both applications and data can be synched so they are always available for the user even when the Cloud is not.

Insights about the Microsoft platform strategy have recently been made available by key Microsoft development leaders Doug Purdy and Don Box, and independent Microsoft commentator Mary-Jo Foley has posted about Live Mesh and Oslo (aka Zurich).

Seems the Microsoft model sits somewhere between where Microsoft is today and the pure Cloud computing model of Amazon and Google.

Interestingly, if all the speculation turns out to be accurate, then this model should deliver the flexibility needed to meet the diverse and changing needs of the largest and most demanding customers, but also at the same time continue to appeal to Microsoft's valuable developer community.

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