Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TMForum Business Process Framework (eTOM) training

A couple of weeks back I was fortunate to attend a three day TMForum training course covering the Business Process Framework (eTOM).

I've dabbled with this framework sucessfully in past to help win business for my current employer Logica, though I'm definitely not an expert, so it was good to have the opportunity to dig deeper into the details over the three days of the training course and build a better understanding of how the framework can be applied.

It was also very useful to talk to others attending the training course including business and technical consultants, and programme delivery managers from Atos Consulting, BT Design, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Technomanage, Wi Tribe, Patni, Detecon, Bearing Point, and Crown Interactive about how they use the framework within their service provider businesses.

Overall I am a fan of this framework. It provides a neutral point of view for describing service provider business processes, and offers a very simple and convenient way of describing the business scope for work that we undertake with our customers. It allows us to capture and communicate a concise description of the service provider business process, at different levels of detail, and I believe it could be useful for both business and technical consultants working with telecoms and utility industry clients. Though as with most tools, judicious use is necessary to ensure that the process analysis and design activities don't become a purely academic pursuit.

Access to training, and also some of the documents, is restricted to member organisations though plenty very useful downloadable information, specifications, and case studies available for free with unrestricted access from the TMForum website.

I'd like to thank Mike Kelly - Senior Technical Manager at TMForum - for delivering an excellent training.


  1. Hi Dave

    I am glad that you enjoyed the course and found it useful. As you are aware the timing of receiving information is very important. No matter how good courses are - when you get back to the office the penny drops and you realise you need to clarify your understanding of certain points....but the trainer is gone home.

    At the TM Forum we are trailing a community web based service to allow attendees interact with the trainer after the event, so they can continue to learn from us and from each other once the formal training is completed.

    This is linked to our Business Process framework and information framework Training in Dubai and hopefully will become a standard part of our training process.
    George Greenlee

  2. Thanks for your comment George. The community support looks like a positive addition to the TMForum training service... as you say, it's a good way to support and encourage the natural urge that people have to continue interacting around the subject after the initial training. It looks like the Dubai training community is already very active!