Thursday, July 21, 2011

Revenue Management, one year on...

It's just over a year since I boarded the Logica Revenue Management Express at Durham station on route home after a three day proposition workshop with a couple of colleagues. I recall the train journey back to London and the feeling of excitement about the growth potential for Logica, albeit with some trepidation for the size and complexity of the task ahead!

Now we've completed the first phase of development of the RM SI capability in Logica, and looking back over the year, I can say with pride that the team delivered!

Here are some notable milestones and achievements:
  • Commitment from industry sector leads to support business development for RM [Q3 2010]
  • Business case for RM capability development approved by UK board [Q4 2010]
  • Subject Matter Expert recruited, and RM team selected [Q4 2010]
  • Training programme defined and successfully delivered (15 certified RM practitioners) [Q1 2011]
  • Collateral for sales, bids and delivery created and published [Q1 2011]
  • Internal launch to sales teams and client account managers [Q1 2011]
  • Team deployed onto fee-earning RM assignments [Q2 2011]
I've really enjoyed being able to focus on proposition and capability development over the past few months. Although frequently stressful, the cocktail of challenges around the management of people and commercials is also both intellectually stimulating and highly rewarding; and the complexity of the changes has provided plenty of opportunities for us to demonstrate creativity, innovation and good old fashioned problem solving skills.  

So where are we now? Where are we going next? One year on we're now almost settled into a business as usual phase.  The Revenue Management market opportunity has changed shape over the year that we've been developing the capability, but I'm continuing to see opportunities across all industry sectors, and if anything there is more growth potential now than there was twelve months ago.

A flavour of the focus areas for this business during the second half of 2011:
  • the need to reduce costs through consolidation and rationalisation of legacy systems and processes continues to drive activity across the Telecoms industry; we are currently engaged with clients across this sector
  • the rollout of Smart Meters is accelerating, and the impact on systems and processes in the Energy and Utilities industries serves to increase the risk of revenue leakage for clients in those sectors; which in turn drives new opportunities for RM services
  • the new government is approaching the end of its honeymoon period and there is increased pressure on Public Sector departments to improve efficiency and demonstrate success from new policies, which will serve to increase demand for RM services moving forward

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